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Check out some photos of our visitors and places to visit!

See also EASTER to see some pictures of our celebration.


Brett, Shaylynn and Caleb go to the Atlantic


   Brett and Shay                             Shay and Caleb

The Ocean


Brett, Shaylynn and Caleb go Epcot and Animal Kingdom...

No...that is not any one that we are related to....we don't think...


We were there during the flower festival



             Caleb in Morocco                  Shay and Caleb in front of Everest


Caleb and Shaylynn in England

 Caleb in Asia                        


Gulf of Mexico...Again.  :)


I may be partical but I think she may be perfect


Charity in the sunset


Gulf Sunset


Brett at the Gulf (He doesn't know I'm taking his pic)


Mom, Charity and Aunt the Gulf


Blue Springs State Park

Charity and Sue at Blue Springs...look at that great light.




We had a hard time getting us all together. :)


The Spring (you can swim in there!)


Blue Spring State Park


New Symrna Beach

Sand and Sky with Charity


Charity and Shay


Disney with Aunt Kathy, Uncle Larry, Jamie, Andy, Barb, Doug

Jamie, Larry, Kathy and Andy..and Barb


Shay, Barb, Jamie and Kathy


Brett, Andy, Larry and Doug


Aunt Mabel (Shay's Grandfather's Sister)
and Uncle Alex visit us!


Yes...eating again. :)  Brett was at work.


 Brett and Shay with Shay's Grandparents
at New Smyrna Beach


Brett, Shay, Grandma and Hoompie in the Atlantic...or at least close


Gram and Hoomp


Brett, Shay and Hoomp


Shay, Gram and Hoomp


God's Beautiful Atlantic


Aren't we cute?



Shay with Gram in the Atlantic and Shay with Hoomp on the beach


A healthy glow!  Gram says the Xango...I say the sun. ;)


Brett and Shay with Shay's Grandparents
at the Holy Land Expierence

 Us in front of the Scriptorium...
Incredible collection of original manuscripts


 Grandma and I


Grandma and Hoomp


" Behold, the Lamb"


Shay with Grandparents at Kennedy Space Station

Grandma and Hoompie in the observatory
(the little thing over Hoompie's shoulder is one of the launch pads)


Shay and Hoompie in the same spot but the camera must
have washed it out.  All Shay had was the camera on her phone.


We had hotdogs for lunch (3.99 but they were all beef and very tasty)


Shay at the Gulf of Mexico with Grandparents

Shay's Grandma, Grandfather (Hoompie), Uncle Alex and Aunt Mabel (Hoompie's Sister)...oh yeah and Grandparent's dogs Josh and Tasha


Grandma, Hoompie, Shay and Aunt Mabel


Grandma getting her feet wet in the Gulf...oh yes she did!


Grandma and I in the Gulf


Aunt Mabel and I in the Gulf...she tried to talk me into sitting but I had to drive home in the clothes I had on.  : )


Uncle Alex, Aunt Mabel, Hoompie and Gram in front of Aunt Mabel's.

We had a wonderful time visiting with Aunt Mabel and Uncle Alex.   They are about 2 hours away. 
We heard about their great flea market buys, had a wonderful dinner and dessert, and were shown all over their area. 

Thanks Aunt Mabel and Uncle Alex for a GREAT DAY!  : )


Visiting Orlando   




Our first visitor was Brett's mom, Barb who came down with us for the signing and took care of us when we were very sick!  We will be forever greatful.

Our second vistors were Shay's Grandparents!  What a joy to have them for almost a month.  We hope to have them back each winter!  Or anytime.  :)

Brett's dad, Doug also stayed for a couple of nights after helping Brett drive down.  THANKS DOUG for the shelves and the driving help!

Brett's Aunt Kathy, Uncle Larry, cousins Jamie and Andy along with Barb and Doug all visited us for a few days.  We spent two days at Disney, did some shopping and had a fun time.  IT WAS HOT.  :)

Shay sister Charity and mom Sue came down for their spring vacation.  We had a great time checking out some great places including Blue Springs, New Smyrna Beach, and of course more shopping.

Shay's brother Caleb visited for a few days.  We have fun at Disney for two and lay low the rest of the days.  Although we did also make it to the Ocean.

Shay's sister Charity and her friend Melissa spent the night before and after their trip to Nicaragua.

I have not been keeping up with this page.  Check out my facebook pages for more current photos.