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Here are previous welcome page posts.  They are mostly here to remind me of our God's faithfulness. 

July 2011

Life is busy as always.  Brett got a job! Thank GOD!!  He started earlier this year and is really enjoying it.  He works for a DaVita which is a kidney dialysis company.  They are national and have a lot of servers with a whole server team to maintain them.  Brett started making more than he was with his last company when they let him go.  How is that not God?

I'm still working at Northland in the Student Ministries department.  It has its AWESOME days and it's not so awesome days.  It is incredible to work on a team that works. :)  We have been seeing God's hand at work.  How can I not enjoy that?

We have had family in and out as always.  My parents resigned from their job as house parents and are looking forward to some traveling as ESL teachers.  Jen is still working at the school on the west coast of FL and Caleb has job now as well.  They now have a second child!  Charity has been over a lot this summer since Jen has been off for some of the summer.

We have two girls from Europe spending the summer with us as well.  

Bekah is getting married next week so that promises to be some crazy fun with additional family in town and lots to do.

I guess that is about it for now.

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We are still taking reservations for family and friends to spend some time with us in FL!  Check out our calendar to schedule your stay.  We haven't started charging yet. :)

We would love to hear from you!  E-mail us!


August. 24 .10

Well, we have been in Florida for two and half years. We moved down here for Brett's job when the company he was working for was bought out. The company that bought out the company moved Brett down here to work. As of Friday, that job no longer exists. The new company was publicly traded but a third company bought it out and made it private a couple of months ago. They are looking to make a profit and let go of 120 employees last Friday...Brett being one of them. Unfortunately, despite them moving us down here, Brett was the "last in" in the IT department. 

So here we are in Florida in a home that we love, a church that we love, a job that I like and with Brett looking for a job. We are hoping this time it doesn't mean moving the length of the country and learning a "new way of life." So if you hear of any System Administrator jobs in the Orlando area, please let us know. 

We will appreciate all the prayers we can get. Brett did have a good job so he has a month or two to look. We are scared (having seen others struggle in this situation) but also at peace. We trust that God is in control. We have a Rock. He is our Shelter and we choose to rest under His shadow...and cry from time to time. :)

In other news...Caleb and Jen had Noah a couple of months ago.  He is ADORABLE.  Jen just took a job at a school on the West Coast of FL.  Mom and Dad are also working at the same location as house parents.  It is crazy to have so much family so close.  Charity is staying with Caleb and Jen as their nanny while Caleb looks for a job.


Happy Thanksgiving!! 

We are in PA with Shay's family. We took the autotrain to VA and then drove up the rest of the way. 24 hours later we got here. Flying is the way to 4 hours and we would have been here but that is what we get for not booking early.

We are having a lovely time. Talking about how many times Gram's dogs go out. :) We had a 4 PM planned dinner but if you know our family at all you will know that it will probably closer to 7 PM.

Well it is niceish to be in the North. Being with family is good but I like the South...never thought I would be "one of those." Oh well. Might as well just accept it.

Ok, so it has come to my attention that it has nearly been a year since I last posted to our page. Life has gone by quickly. :) I started working in October and since then I have not had much time to do anything besides work and try to chill out after work. :) I love my job. I am the Administrative Assistant for Student Ministries at Northland (our home church). It has been an amazing experience. 

This year had some monumental experience for our family. Caleb got married (I have a new sister) and Charity graduated from High School. I am so proud of both the of them for seeking God and living life to glorify Him. 

We are still loving FL. It is doubt about that but we love it. Brett has become an AMAZING shopper. He uses the grocery game and keeps our freezer and pantry full. Which is good because we have a steady stream of family and friends in and out. Brad (my cousin) is living with us while he goes golf college. We are in the process of finishing off the first floor TV room into a guess bedroom. We need it. :) We have a great small group that keeps us accountable and offers great friendships. All in all life is good. Busy, hectic even at times, but good. We miss family and friends back North but are so glad we followed God to the South. I'm not a rebel yet but I do love Chick-fil-A and Sweet Tea. 

It has been some times since I updated our front page. We have been living in FL for just about five months now. We are still getting use to the heat but we are over all really enjoying it down here. Brett's job is going well. He is on call one week a month and since Longwood is a central station (which means the montior alarms 24/7 out of it) he gets at least a call or two each night of that week. But so far so good!

We have been going to Disney when we get bored. There is a new toy story ride that is really fun. Disney, I think, is best after dark, less people, less heat more fun. We had the opportunity to see Brett's aunt and cousin a couple of weeks ago at Disney which was REALLY nice. See people we know here is so cool.  I have been volunteering at our church...which we LOVE... and I have made a few friends there. I work in the Volunteer Central (which is working to plug people into volunteer jobs that they actually will enjoy!) and at the Welcome Desk. I am learning a lot about the church and meeting lots of people.I still do not have a job which is a matter for MUCH prayer. Check back soon to see what else is new. I promise by the end of the week to have a new post up. 

Check out our Visitors page to see some current photos and the Easter page to see some pictures of our celebration.

Well we are moved in!!! Or at least in the process...all the boxes are here and some of them are unpacked. Brett is back to work down here in FL and Shaylynn is working along getting things settled.

Our Troy house is no longer ours. It sold on Thursday March 21, 2008! We are thankful to God for providing a buyer in a slow market (THANK GOD). 

Florida is a way God has proven Himself even more incredible. We ended up with the third house we put an offer in on. The first two did not work out. We have a BRAND NEW home that is larger and in a better area than two previous homes. (God is looking out for us) We are resting in the shelter of the Almighty knowing the home He has us in is the best. :) 

Check out our floor plan and the virtual tour to see pictures of the model home.